No review ever written will ever mean as much to me about my book as this one. Voo Doo was an amazing man! A Marine, and a Civilian Medic. God rest your soul. Until we meet again.

Something I normally don’t do is written reviews on anything. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever written a review. As the page creator I have been offered a lot of products to try out on the street from multiple companies. Each time I have respectfully declined. It’s just not my thing.

Recently just by pure luck I came across a Facebook page . I skimmed over it and clicked “like.” Very shortly after I received a private message from Ralph “Malachias” Gaskin thanking me for liking the page, telling me I was number 500 and I won a free signed copy of his book ‘ A Warriors Garden.’(A Therapeutic Guide to Living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)is a documentation of my journey with PTSD. Things I have tried and what has worked for me. What works for one person won’t work for everyone, but if we are going to heal we have to start somewhere.) Paperback ( or for kindle on Amazon(

I thanked him, but offered to pay for it which he respectfully declined. So I gave him my shipping info. I asked him to send me a friend request. Since then we have chatted a lot and became e-friends. We chat a lot, and have quite a bit in common. I received the book in the mail yesterday. I began and finished reading it today. It is an amazing book dealing with PTSD. Many of you know I personally struggle with PTSD. I don’t talk about it a lot, and I have never talked with a Dr. or a “professional” about it. I have done what I personally chose to do, and that is deal with it on my own, mostly through alcohol abuse for a long period of time, and even still at times turn to the bottle when I start going downhill. The main reason why I have never went looking for help is because I refuse to talk about my experiences with someone who “hasn’t been there.”

This book is a real eye-opener. It has a lot of information packed into a book under 100 pages. Ralph talks about things which have helped him out. He puts a lot of things into perspective. He talks about small things that have helped him and gives insights on how you can help yourself multiple ways. Everything from how to help deal with triggers to help save your family life with very simple steps. The best part is although his (along with my) PTSD stems from Military service, the book can be understood by anyone with PTSD no matter what profession you come from. I know many EMT’s, Paramedics, Cops, Dispatchers, along with a whole list of other professions which deal with PTSD that this book would be extremely useful for. If you are seeking help or know someone who desperately needs help, I highly recommend that you check this book out.

So for my first ever review of anything I give this a 5 star rating. No, I was not offered anything to do a review for the book. In fact I have now purchased a few for friends (non-military) who I know need the help. – Voo Doo