How will this country recover? How will we come back from all the hatred that is and has been instilled over the last few years? ANTIFA, NEO-NATZIs, BLM, KKK, and need I go on? Oh wait, this has been going on for generations. Think about it. Black Panthers, KKK and all the others. The President of the United States whether it’s Obama, Trump, or whoever is an indirect influence. As a member of the United States Army we learn that you have to respect the position of authority, not necessarily the person in that position.  I’m by no means a “Trump” guy. I was pulling for Ben Carson the entire time and honestly had no clue who I was going to vote for or if I was even going to vote this cycle until the day I went in to cast my vote.

Being an “indirect influence” no matter who it is comes with the fact that everyone under that authority will try to “read in between the lines” and impose their own psychological understanding of what was said or not said, trying to interpret body language, all of that. Watching my twitter feed is amazingly infuriating. It’s literally Trump is saving the world to Trump is a racist , misogynist , xenophobic and so are all of his followers. God forbid you try to input some sanity into a conversation you immediately get labeled all that as well plus a bigot. As soon as you label someone a bigot you have become one.

I have to straight here. Most of the U.S. had no idea what half of these words were before the most recent election cycle. Now they use them to label anyone who has a differing opinion or view. Look as a veteran of the U.S. Army I can tell you this, for the mass majority of us we could care less what or who you are. Respect us we respect you. The minute you give us a reason to not it’s over. Doesn’t mean we don’t forgive you for it. You just don’t get a chance to do it again.

I’m not left or right, republican or democrat, I am an American. I believe we as one nation of citizens need to support and defend each other. All this antifa going after the alt-right. Violence by any group to stem their beliefs because they are deemed inappropriate in a modern society does nothing but deepen their beliefs. If I go out and find an Antifa Member and kick their ass all I do is add duel to their fire. Same goes for kicking the crap out of anyone from the Alt-right. Understand my point, Sometimes violence is the answer. It’s already proven here that it’s not. I feel like I’m watching the Outsiders  and the Greasers and Socs are going at it.

So here’s the thing, I know that we aren’t all going to get along, but we have to stop labeling people because we don’t agree on things. Disagreeing with anyone’s personal beliefs doesn’t make you an Insertword- phobic. (of which they have changed the definition to that over the last 6 months. It used to simply state ~to have an irrational fear of~) we are as a people going to have disagreements, but just because we disagree and just because we don’t support the same leaders doesn’t mean we care any less about each other. If it does maybe you should look in the mirror and do a personal assessment to what you believe. I don’t hate or think any less of anyone because they supported or voted for Obama once or twice. That is irrelevant to me. Same goes for Trump supporters. We are fighting against the wrong narrative here. We should be focused especially right now on #huricaneharvey and everyone in its path.


That’s all I have for now. God bless, STRENGTH AND HONOR