HI! How are you doing? Sorry it’s been so long since I blogged! I have been slammed. With the release of Traitmarker for PTSD and then trying to finish my own book I have completely lost a lot of my normal thought process telling me what I am supposed to be doing. And for that I am sorry.

     I would like to take a moment and talk to you about my next book release and two book series that I am reading. lets start with my book first seeing as how this is my blog and I am in charge here. lol…. “A Warriors Garden, A Therapeutic Guide to Living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)” This book started out as just something I felt I had to write, of course the idea was given to me by my Brother, Robbie Grayson of Traitmarker. This book is simply a document of my own methods of self-therapy that I have used for my personal journey with PTSD. Topics ranging from Organic Gardening, Music, my faith in God, Nutrition, the hidden hero of the Military spouse and much more. My hope an prayer for this book is that someone will see it, read it and help them to understand what their veteran is going through or that a fellow veteran will read it and come up with their own ideas for alternative self-treatment of their PTSD. Once I started writing it, it became another form of therapy for me. Check out the Facebook page and follow the progress.

     The first series I have started is Dawn Hyperdrive. It is authored by, Sharilyn  Suzette  Smith Grayson. It is for someone like me who is Dyslexic and awesome read. I read the first book in the series “The Galactic Handbag of Death” in only a few days. Understand that the only other book series I have read prior to this is the HP series. This gripped me just as fast and I was amazed at the amount of description and the way I felt tied into the storyline. I was totally roped in! There was no getting away from it! I now am getting ready to purchase the second installment Dawn Hyperdrive and the Golden cufflinks of doom. Trust me, you will love it. By the way do you homeschool? Need a book for you young teens to read for a report. These are really great fantasy books! I give them 5 thumbs up in awesome freakishness. (no one has 5 thumbs). But you get my point right? Sure you do!



     The next series I found while scrolling through my phone and realized I have a Kindle app. So I looked for “free Fantasy” in the search engine. One of the first ones to come up was the lead book to “The Cat’s Eye Chronicles” written by T. L. Shreffler. So let me remind you, I am dyslexic and spell check is my saving grace at times. A book has to be able to grab me within the first two chapters or I loose interest. This first book “Sora’s Quest” grabbed me right away as well. So much I looked up the authors fan page on FB and had to tell her about it. Now I am being blessed with being part of a blog review for here next installment! Booyah for the Hooyah! Sorry, only my military peeps will understand that! But I am stoked.


      If you like fantasy with magic and great stories, these two series are for you! Go get them and get hooked! I know you will. I have enjoyed them both as much if not more than the HP series.


God Bless you!