The last few weeks have been nothing short of awesome! Let me start with the highlight, I just celebrated my 11 year wedding anniversary with my amazing wife! I would never in a million years believed She would have picked me as here husband let alone stay with me through all the crap I have put her through with my emotional baggage from past relationships and now PTSD from Iraq. So let me just say thank you so much baby! I love you more than words can ever express.

Other things, not as awesome as being with my amazing bride of 11 years have been happening too. My oldest son is coming down from Iowa to Georgia for a visit. I have had multiple conference and three way phone calls. And My book is almost finished. Just looking for some solid information on nutrition and how it affects the brain and mental health. But let me start off with what has happened from my book. I had a lunch meeting with the co-founder of Her War, Her Voice and now am able to finish my chapter of my book spot lighting the achievements and things that our spouses as Soldiers go through. In my book our spouses are our backbone! My wife and I might be guest blogging for them as a He said She said portion every once in a while. I was also asked to blog for another great organization called Not Alone! Life After War. I am very excited about the opportunity! Lets not forget to mention that I might be getting the chance to put together some green houses and community gardens on post for fellow vets and Soldiers to use as a form as therapy. This also has me super stoked! I’m feeling like a kid right before Christmas! Awesome!

And I have been doing a lot of talking with my brother Robbie Grayson of and we have written a whole new chapter for his already amazing personal trait assessment program. It launches on the 4th of July. is about how your personality traits (which I will now refer to as TraitMarks) not only define who you are but gives you a tool in your recovery from PTSD. If you know a veteran who deals with PTSD this is a non-evasive way to map out their TraitMarks. Mine for example have actually explained to me why I have such an internal conflict. My Dominate TraitMark and Supportive TraitMark are the Polar opposite from each other. I’m not going to sit here and try and sell it to you. You go do it and it will sell itself.

So not only am I going to publish my first book this year. I am Co-authoring a E-book for TraitMarker for PTSD, and getting to spend time blogging and gardening. Now if I could just get my MED Board finished so I could retire (i’m on day 388 of the army MEB/PEB process) Everything would be almost perfect! So WOW! Yeah I said it! WOW!


Thanks for reading! God bless