So here I am on Martin Luther King day, drinking my coffee and relaxing. At this point the inauguration is probably over, which I could care less about. I have been scrolling through my facebook for a little while catching up on the mundane things that are going on. Then I read a post from one of the gardening pages I am subscribed to. It is listing how people are facing jail time and fines for growing food in their front yards. Small plants. We are not talking corn here. We are talking Basil, cucumbers things like this in small organized raised beds. These cities that are prosecuting them for this don’t even have local code or laws written against this in any way. One city in Florida is fining a single mother of four and forcing her to replant grass or face jail time. And everyone in the neighborhood where she lives supports her. She is in no violation of any code. Not breaking any laws local, state or federal.  But she has been targeted by the local city for it.

Now mind you I have a small garden in my back yard her on the Army installation that we live on. It’s in my back yard because they pay for lawn maintenance to take care of everything outside of our fence and I want to keep them and the local kids out of my garden.

Here is my point. Don’t roll over and take it. Just because they are elected officials, just because they are police, you do not have to be bullied. If you are breaking a law or in the wrong, by all means do the right thing. But just because they are in a position of authority doesn’t give someone the right to bully. Now, not all of them do and I am not call for a revolution. My point is a common sense way of living. Stop prosecuting people for growing their own food on their own property. How about enforcing the laws that are costing lives, drugs, illegal gun ownership, things like that? Stop slamming on the easy target. I am sickened to see where this country has gone. We spend millions and millions of dollars to feed people overseas but we have homeless vet’s everywhere. We have a record number of people on food assistance. How about teach them how to grow their own food, and harvest the seeds for the following year? That’s a novel idea. You want to strengthen the economy? How about lifting the patent on food ownership from companies like Monsanto? Allow farmers to clean and reuse seed from what they harvest to supplement overhead.

Sorry, but that’s my incoherent rant for today.

God Bless!